Master Class Albany NY 2010




On March 27, 2010, the Neapolitan Music Society (NMS) presented “Neapolitan Treasures – Secrets of the Lost Archive,” a Master Class and New York Premier Concert, featuring our newest partner, the Albany High School Orchestra.

This magnificent project was supported through charitable grants. We would like, therefore, to thank Albany Fund for Education and SEFCU for the opportunity to work with the young musicians at Albany High School. The Master Class was a great challenge that unfolded into a great victory!

The greatest challenge, however, was certainly embraced by the students. The most gratifying aspect was the dedication and commitment that each one of them displayed. I do believe that professionalism is very much a state of mind and I can honestly say that the students showed a strong sense of professionalism with the training and focus that entails.

In a very short amount of time, we have been able to see the incredible transformation that was taking place in their minds and their hearts.

On behalf of the Neapolitan Music Society and my dear colleague Mº Alberto Vitolo, I deeply appreciate all the support that has been so graciously offered, therefore, the opportunity to bring something of great moral and social value to the students.

I would like to ask you to keep sustaining our cause, to keep your presence close to our mission and to allow me to work and leave in the hands of the younger ones the possibility for them to become the continuation of a legacy, so that it may never disappear...Next


After 8 days of study, the student musicians performed:

Niccoló Porpora – (1686-1768)
Sinfonia da Camera per Archi
Soloist: Ms. June Criscione

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710-1736)
Largo from Violin Concerto in F Major

Tommaso Giordani (c. 1738-18 06)
Concerto in C Major for Piano and Strings
World Premier Performance


Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata per Archi n. 5





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